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Imagine Dragons World Tour 2015

Moment Factory had the privilege to work Imagine Dragons’ latest world tour, creating the Smoke + Mirrors 2015 experience!

Renewed Collaboration

We’d worked together before, handling creative direction for the “Gold” music video and collaborating on their live performance at the AMAs. We were also behind the Smoke + Mirrors album launch and “listening party” and a live TV spot for a Target ad featuring the single “Shots” which was recorded outdoors in downtown Las Vegas during the 2015 Grammys. The show is the culmination of that process.

The concept

Making Smoke + Mirrors 2015 was an eminently collaborative effort. It was forged in a collective creative spirit and a shared desire to take the audience on a transformative trip. Going from a flat and colorless world, we wished to bring people to a full-color 3D realism, through surrealistic distortion, psychedelia and ethereal beauty.

The stage concept builds on the idea of using massive constructions as multimedia platforms. Eight convex columns act as screens for video projection. Visual tricks were written into the design. For example, from various positions the columns appear concave. Reflective surfaces allowed us to create ground breaking subtle effects by blending colors in the air.

Other innovations include the use of the Phenom system: programmable eye-safe audience-scanning lasers developed by Lightwave International. We also use 150 refracting mini mirrors to create a huge laser sculpture, creating a sweeping curtain of light. Additionally, the automated stage transforms over the course of the show, allowing for multiple configurations and perspective tricks. And surprise physical elements bridge the gap between the 3D realm and the audience.


The Team

Led by Moment Factory creative director Jesse Lee Stout and content director Adam Hummel, who worked alongside talented collaborators Sooner Routhier (lighting design) and James Richardson (technical direction), the project team was massive. Resources were shared between L.A. and Montreal. An intricate collaboration between many departments was managed — technical, content, research, R&D, interactive. Data management had a monumental task. They were the glue holding the whole process together, controlling the chaos from ocean to ocean. They made the assets and tools necessary for every job readily available and allowed this complex level of collaboration to be possible.





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