Oakley Prizm - Behin the Scenes

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Oakley Prizm™: Behind the Scenes

For the SnowSports Industries America Snow Show held in Denver this January 28th to February 3rd, Oakley asked Moment Factory to create an installation for their new Prizm™ lenses. The most recent in several collaborations between the brand and the Moment studios, the goal of this latest project was to introduce their new goggles, which visually amplify reality. Our team of artists worked hard to develop an original concept for introducing Oakley’s new way of seeing the world to the public. Read on to discover what went on behind the scenes!


The Oakley Prizm™ concept is simple: it’s reality – visually amplified. Building from their slogans “see what you’ve been missing,” and “you’ll never see the snow the same way again,” we had to come up with a concept that would allow visitors to experience the impossible while also highlighting the brand’s sporty side. Excited by the concept and technological aspects of the project, and knowing we had creative carte blanche, our team’s first step was to gather materials in order to feature these mottos. The result? The crafting of a giant pair of Prizm™ goggles in collaboration with Situ Studio, which was set up in front of a wall of 32 screens to allow onlookers to experience Oakley’s visually amplified reality.


While in the process of studying different visualization concepts, our team discovered, in a design technology video, that when the filter is removed from LCD screens all you can see is white. We took this idea and adjusted it for our giant goggles, so that spectators could only see the content shown on the wall of screens by looking through the enormous lenses. It was all in the goggles. As Oakley says, with Prizm™ you see more: and so the magic was truly made by looking through their lenses.



No integration would be complete without a curveball, no matter how small. Here are a few examples of the little unexpected surprises that we resolved without a hitch. First, when our team arrived at the integration site, they weren’t able to start installation of our goggles right away, as the hardware was still being held in transport. When the equipment was finally delivered, as installation was the responsibility of the SnowSports Industries technical team, we had to brief and guide their technicians through the project schema and steps for assembly, particularly for the wall of screens.

The display wall required 32 24” screens, but as the manufacturer had only 27 available, our team came up with the idea to use smaller, 23” screens to replace the ones missing. These screens were integrated on the display wall in slight out-of-sync alignment, creating a deconstructed visual effect.

Oakley Prizm - Behin the Scenes

It’s always fascinating to find out how, from concept phase to final integration, the creative process unfolds. The possibility of unforeseen surprises, although they’re most often minor and quickly become anecdotes, is impossible to totally eliminate. It’s important for us to share our creative processes with our readers. Oakley Prizm™ is just the first – keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be taking you behind the scenes of our creative world again soon!




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