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Who’s Gonna Win? Data visualization and projection mapping at Super Bowl Central

Our teams were busy at the Super Bowl this year. In addition to our immersive installation, Wasserman Media Group also sought out our expertise in creating projection mapping and light shows on two sides of the Bank of America Tower in Phoenix, Arizona, showcasing the #WhosGonnaWin campaign leading up to the big night, from January 28th to 31st, 2015.

With the goal of creating excitement and a sense of competition amongst football fans, participants were encouraged to tweet using the #WhosGonnaWin hashtag. Building on last year’s successful #WhosGonnaWin campaign light show on the Empire State Building, this year there was a willingness to take things a step further with sophisticated motion graphics and the integration of data visualization. On the four nights leading up the Super Bowl, our four-minute long projection mapping on the East and West sides of the Bank of America Tower featured an animated representation of the battle between the two teams, with a glorious visual declaration of the day’s winner in social media, set to an exciting original score.


In collaboration with data specialists Sosolimited the visuals combined pre-rendered content with an additional layer of data visualization. The data was brought to life using stunning sequences of light in the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots colours. It was amazing to experience the mood on site amongst thousands of fans. The projections were a hit, delighting both the crowd onsite and streaming live for viewers at home. Although the Patriots ended up winning the big game, Seattle has some faithful fans – winning the social media battle four nights in a row!

To learn about our second project during the Super Bowl – an immersive branded environment and interactive wall – click here!

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