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Experiencing Oakley Prizm at the SIA Ski and Snow Conference in Denver

Our collaboration with sports gear giant Oakley continues at the 2015 SIA Snow Show in Denver Colorado with a multimedia installation showcasing Oakley’s new Prizm lens, which aims to dramatically enhance contrast and visibility in snowy conditions. The mandate follows our former projects with Oakley, including their 2014 “Disruptive by Design” brand launch in Los Angeles, as well as the creation of a permanent video installation at their flagship store in Manhattan.

With the goal of promoting Oakley’s new lens for snow sports and increasing awareness of the Oakley booth amongst thousands of exhibitors at SIA, we created an eye-catching installation featuring a giant mock-up of a pair of Oakley goggles and specially treated LCD video display wall. Only when looking through the larger-than-life goggle lens can participants can view videos about the years of R&D that went into the creation of the lens technology, as well as exciting footage of top-tier skiers and snowboarders putting the new lenses to the test in breathtaking mountain landscapes. Stepping it up a notch, we took the visuals further with sophisticated motion graphics – echoing Oakley’s brand promise that “you will never see snow the same way again”.Moment Factory Oakley Prizm


Our creative installation showcasing the unique capabilities of the Prizm lens allows Oakley to make its mark at the most important annual trade event for the ski and snow sports industry. The large goggles were produced by Situ Fabrication, and we developed the video content in consultation with Oakley’s Marketing team. We love working on projects with such a technical focus, it allows us to push our creativity to the limit in coming up with new solutions to bring a brand to life in an experiential context.

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