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Glossary of Terms: Our Own Vocabulary

There’s no doubt you’ve noticed the key terms that reappear throughout our many articles; at Moment Factory, we use these expressions to refer to given places, techniques and positions. We wanted to share this glossary so that you can get to know us better. It’s not final, of course, as there will always be another word to add to the list, but for those of you who’d like to understand more of our inner workings, we welcome you to read on.

Beauty Shot 

Allows us to communicate our artistic intentions as well as to propose concepts for future projects through pictures. Although not final, the beauty shot is an image that closely resembles how the final project could look. Also used to clarify ideas, it can take the form of illustration, sketch or photorealism.

Moment Factory LAX Portals Beauty Shot


Place in the Factory where multimedia tests are conducted on models of projects in the design phase.

BlackBox Moment Factory

Multimedia Content

Comprises visuals, sound and interactive effects that inhabit and enhance a space; may be malleable and flexible, and adapt to different clients and contexts.

Designer (generic term)

A member of the creative team whose responsibility is to design and produce content for various environments. Designers participate in developing visual concepts for multimedia installations, permanent as well astemporary.

Creative Director (generic term)

Ensures that concepts developed by the team conform to Moment Factory’s creative standards and approach. The creative director encourages excellence and innovation throughout the duration of the project. Their creativity is met with pragmatism and detailed knowledge of the worlds of entertainment, design, technology and the video game industry, on local and international levels. They work closely with many different departments in order to ensure the professional collaboration of our numerous teams, as well as to increase the quality and overall finish our projects.


Defines a space where content will be integrated in an innovative and original way. For example, audio-visual technology may be used to transport and translate content into and onto an environment comprising surfaces of architectural or urban spaces.


Describes the reality of living a moment that is both unique and magical.



The personnel who work at the Factory.

The Factory

The affectionate name Factorians use for the Moment Factory offices.

Moment Factory Library


A visual representation of an idea or concept. An illustration may be a drawing sketched by hand or simply an image created using photomontage software.

MomentFactory Illustration Sagrada Familia

Systems Integrator

Responsible for the management and installation of computer systems for multimedia projects. Possessing extensive knowledge of hardware, they are able to propose and guide teams towards finding technological solutions during the technical design phase. Further, they are required to travel to the project site to make new multimedia installations operational and to fix problems when they arise.


The act of going onsite to deliver a project and integrate the audiovisual content into and onto the surfaces of architecture or urban spaces.


Designed to engage the public – the spectator – in the multimedia project. Interactivity generally consists of images or videos that interact with an object, screen or motion.


Happens when technology is invisible. Magic is a celebration between an exceptional space and the content that animates it.

Motion designer

Member of the creative team who is responsible for the design, animation and production of content for different environments. They participate in the creation of animated visual content for either permanent or temporary multimedia installations.

Multimedia Director

Responsible for the design, production, artistic direction, delivery and integration of projects for multimedia environments. They work together with many different clients, guide the creative teams and ensure the production quality of our projects.

Multimedia Set Designer

With the knowledge of an architect, designer and lighting designer, the multimedia set designer takes the lead when it comes to defining a space and developing visual and scenic effects. They propose conceptual approaches for projects and ensure that the assistant set designers support the artistic direction. Their work is done using technologies in place of traditional materials such as wood, metal or concrete.


A visual representation of an idea or concept in the form of a drawing done by hand.

Équipe environnement

Story board 

Presented in the form of sketches that illustrate each scene or moment in the development of an experience.


A system comprises both software and hardware; it receives content and information from one source and redirects it into an environment.

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