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How to Feel at Home.. at Work?

Each one of our projects demands a great deal of attention and entails many hours of dedication. There are times when our artists will immerse themselves in a project for long days on end. It’s for this reason we all contribute to creating a second home of our space, where it feels as good to live as it does to work. Every member of our teams arranges their personal workspace to optimize their comfort and complement their personality.

A Space of Our Own

Both the way we decorate and the additional elements we add to our individual workspace contribute to its enhancement; the pictures, posters and quirky objects, the sweets we offer people who drop by, and the bean bags, inflated balls and other types of comfy chairs we may use all combine to create a relaxed atmosphere!

Each Factorian’s workspace is therefore unique. So, when we ‘receive’ a colleague at our desk to talk about a project, or to simply hang out, the friendly atmosphere that we’ve created can make us feel a bit like we’re at home…

Drawing Toys, Decorating Our Office Space… An Original Art

Considering that each member of the Factory is free to make their space according to their tastes, to what inspires them and to what makes them feel at ease, what do you imagine can be glimpsed on Moment Factory desks? For starters, you’ll find gadgets of all sorts, such as a Lego mini model DJ set equipped with projection mapping, BarbieTM, little notes, fish – because we all love animals – or even original creations made by our artists themselves.


You’ll also be sure to unearth toys, treasures brought back from travels, such as natural stones, or even sun reflectors that make rainbows appear in our office on sunny days. These objects act to relax, inspire and amuse us. During the workday, it is important that we are able us to step away for a few moments to relax with our colleagues, to discover the findings on their desks, and what new objects they’ve added. We can even start a game of chess, hockey or ping pong…


A Relaxed Atmosphere: Find It on the Walls!     

At Moment Factory, it’s all about the visuals: not only for our projects, but also for the walls of our locale. Here again, the objective is to have fun while creating inspiration. It is therefore normal that, while walking around the factory, you will find drawings on the walls, posters advertising internal events, art prints, even wallpaper that depicts our employees..


We take entertainment to another level still with two items that are emblematic of our office space, the ‘Clock’ and the ‘Wall.’

The ‘Clock’ is the Moment Factory version of a timepiece – which is to say, it’s digital, and conceived and programmed by our artists. Don’t rely on it for arriving on time to your meetings, though, because it doesn’t always show the hour – this depends on the day’s programming. One day, it will show the next scheduled bus times along with the number of Bixis available in the neighbourhood; another day, it will broadcast various GIFs added by factorians. Another day still, the ‘Clock’ will transform into a giant eye whose gaze will follow you no matter your angle…


The ‘Wall’ is our photo album. All the photos that Factorians wish to share with their colleagues are displayed on this screen. These comprise mash-up project photos taken by our teams as well as photos of events we attend (premieres, [email protected]) and even photos of colleagues on vacation on sunny beaches (sigh!)…

Feeling happy at work is of vital importance at Moment Factory, which is why we emphasize a dynamic and varied decor. By each adding a personal touch, Factory artists contribute to making our workspace both attractive and motivating. By bringing pieces of ourselves with us to the office, we favour inter-colleague exchanges, and learn from each other: this, in turn, enriches our work.


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