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How can lasers enhance the concert experience?

Light: we brought it to light it here; and with an eye always to enhancing the immersive experience of our productions, at Moment Factory we experiment with its many different forms. Easily just as fascinating as bioluminescence or photoluminescence, lasers are a popular form of light for show scenography. As not all lasers produce the same effects, specific criteria define the type selected. In fact, for each new production, a study is performed to increase our knowledge of beam range and, especially, of visual effects with the potential to increase the immersive experience of the show.


We distinguish between a few types of lasers:

Green, or classic, lasers are the most common type used for shows or other events to accompany sounds or images. These lasers are the brightest and most luminous.

Red lasers, on the other hand, are used to create warmer and more vivid environments. This type has made its mark on our imaginations in films, where they are used in laboratory experiments or as motion detectors in secured premises. Making allusion to these references can sometimes add to a performance.


Blue lasers often light up DJ sets during festivals or concerts, where they add luminosity and a more intriguing ambiance. Introduced to the scene only relatively recently, they are often considered to be more exotic.

DJ shows frequently plunge their audiences into an entirely other, very fantastic, world. Lasers of blue aspect add intensity and mystery.

On the other hand, in more “classic” concerts, blue lasers can add a touch of calm and have the effect of subduing the atmosphere.


We at Moment Factory are particularly interested in these three types of lasers, and use them according to the effects and atmospheres we seek to create.

Amex Unstaged: Usher

For the Usher show, for example, the scenography mainly comprised green lasers, which accompanied the dance steps of the singer and his ensemble, creating a festive, electronic atmosphere. The choice of green allowed the energy to be maintained for the show’s duration.


M.I.A. European Tour

The atmosphere of the M.I.A. tour shows was powerfully mysterious, and the use of blue lasers increased its strangeness. In addition to their enigmatic ambiance, M.I.A. shows can be rebellious. As such, green lasers were used to inspire this sort of energy, add some punch, and invite the crowd to dance and share in the moment with the artist.


Finally, it may have come to your notice that lasers are more than mere light-emitting devices. If truth be told, they offer numerous creative possibilities for multimedia productions. Lasers have the power to evoke different emotions and as such, invite spectators to live experiences to the fullest. Light by means of laser beams is a powerful tool, and we employ it, bringing events to life.

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