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Inspiration: A Story of Capture and Storage

In artists, inspiration elicits a flash of creativity. In a way, all creatives seek this “Eureka” moment when conceiving a project.

As artists, we all fear writer’s block, the phenomenon that, when at a loss for inspiration, leaves you static, and incapable of creating anything at all.

We have found a way to face this obstacle head on: first by constantly looking to our surroundings for inspiration, and then by keeping this inspiration safe and sound in the treasure chest we’ve called Mofastock.

So Mofastock, Exactly?

Mofastock is an internal multimedia library in perpetual state of renewal that is exclusive to Moment Factory.

When in need of a cure for a lack of inspiration, or when simply in search of new ideas, our artists plunge into this creative database, rich in videos, photos and illustrations. Categorized and indexed according to theme, from general subjects, like rain or clouds, to more specialized themes, such as lasers, Mofastock is available for everyone to use: to nurture their imagination and facilitate their research, permitting advancement in the realization of our projects.

Here are examples of what can be found in the Mofastock:





Mofastock: By and For Whom?

Mofastock is a collaborative internal project nourished by Factory artists. Ideas, particular moments, that Factorians want to share with their colleagues are added to the database. This causes, truly, a virtuous circle: it’s a supply that keeps on growing through contributions from our collective, which in turn generates more inspiration and results in the addition of still more creative data. In short, we create to inspire and are inspired through creating.

The Storage Process

A camcorder, camera, or even simple crayons are enough to create Mofastock content, the goal of which is capturing and re-transcribing the moments that inspire us: from the movement of falling snow to a blossoming flower, from a bubble bursting to a winking eye, everything has potential to become Mofastock.

The artists that work at Moment Factory are conscious that art inhabits all that surrounds us, even in what may seem banal. Therefore, we have made a large collection of cameras and equipment available to facilitate capturing these inspirations. Everyone is free to use the camera equipment, and encouraged to go off on adventures with the mission of immortalizing the object or event they perceive to be pertinent, and sources of inspiration, for future projects.

Creation and sharing are keywords that never stop popping up in the language around the Factory. By christening Mofastock, we created a plethora of opportunities, possibilities for each member of the Factory to express what is within and to exchange our diverse visions of the world surrounding us. We put emphasis on visual and cultural exchanges because we believe they allow us to evolve, and are personally, as much as professionally, enriching; this is what makes our projects a success. More than just a database, Mofastock is an infinite source of inspiration and sharing.

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