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The Factory – how common spaces spark ideas

Moment Factory’s offices aren’t like your average workplace. Here, we make sure to do everything to make our artists feel comfortable. Whether working individually or in groups, our Factorians have access to our unique open-concept spaces in order to make everyone feel at ease.


Many of our projects require our Factorians to collaborate. Whether it’s a big or small production, our team members often gather in our collective spaces to debrief, exchange ideas and work together.

The library is one of our more popular gathering places with its books and comfortable couches. Staff have everything at their fingertips, whether they want to chat, exchange ideas or get inspired by the many books on hand. Works are classified by subject, such as Design, Programming, Painting etc. so that everything is easy to find.

Moment Factory Library

When a project progresses creatively, our teams often find themselves in one of our rooms that are most conducive to visual presentations, such as our conference room. With its ample daylight and flowering lamps, it can be set up for a number of multimedia applications thanks to its large screen and various communications tools – for example we often talk to our colleagues from our Los Angeles studio here.

This room is highly valued for reviewing presented images or video – it also allows us to quickly check in on our projects’ progress. Rumour has it that this is also where all the Factory’s major decisions are made!



This post isn’t intended to enumerate all our workspaces, but rather, demonstrate how our offices are intended to facilitate teamwork.

When a project requires more complex attention for example, our team members often gather in an area that we call the “Cloud”. Located on the highest floor of our premises, hence the name, the Cloud features an optimal space for concentration, as well as enough space to allow everyone to express themselves and work optimally on their project. It’s not uncommon to see the Cloud’s walls lined with inspirational texts, images, and moodboards.

Our recent project for Royal Caribbean for example, was created by our Factorians in the Cloud. They would meet for weeks on end this space to share ideas, create, adapt and translate their concept into a live production.

Bringing our team members together is a priority at Moment Factory, not only to create, but to reinforce a tight-knit atmosphere amongst staff. We’ll meet initially to discuss a project, then to work on it together, and finally, to appreciate the final result.


Moment Factory Cloud


The Black Box is probably everyone’s favourite space at Moment Factory because this is literally “where the magic happens”. When a project is in it’s final phases, we like to test various models – the Black Box is the perfect place for this. This dark room, as the name suggests, is a studio where we can test our projection mapping projects on scale models, to get a first glimpse of what our projects will look like once realized. Many Moment Factory creations from have been tested here,  such as the Sagrada Familia Ôde À La Vie project, as well as our the Macy’s Super Bowl stunt in New York.

We love this place because it means that the project that we’ve been working on for weeks is almost ready to launch. It’s also a good excuse to get together and check out our work before it it is whisked away to its final destination for the public to admire.

Moment Factory Black Box

Communal spaces are at the source of our inspiration, where everything is done to facilitate teamwork. These rooms can be a bit banal, with their eclectic decor, but if only the walls could talk! They’ve witnessed the creation of hundreds of projects by just as  many talented collaborators. Moment Factory is like a big family – we love to get together over a shared coffee, in meeting rooms, or after a long work day, to chat, to create, and to share.


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