Polytechnique Light Beam 25th anniversary

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Commemorating the Polytechnique Massacre, 25 Years Later

The date of December 6th is marked by the sad events that took place at the École Polytechnique in Montréal in 1989. Twenty-five years later, the memory and pain from this day are still intact.

And so, on Saturday, December 6, 2014, with Premier Philippe Couillard present, the City of Montréal, the families of the 14 victims, and Moment Factory, too, wanted to highlight the 25th anniversary of this tragic event. The commemoration took place at the belvedere at the top of Mount Royal, where 14 beams of light were illuminated in honour of the 14 victims of the tragedy.

Polytechnique Light Beam 25th anniversary

Lights Rose Skyward

Many discussions and consultations preceded creation of the lights that Moment Factory had the honour of setting into the sky, showing our respect and support for the families in our way. Moment Factory was deeply touched to be able to make a contribution to this 25th anniversary memorial. Outside the Mount Royal chalet, along the ground in the shape of a half moon, facing downtown, 14 white, luminous beams, each reaching 2 km in height, were illuminated in turn. As a symbol, turned toward the city and illuminated toward infinity, these bright beams paid special homage to each of the victims, so everyone will remember what happened, and so no one will forget.

Polytechnique Light Beam 25th anniversary



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