We do it for Saky's 40

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We do it for Saky’s 40: Creating Culture-Inspired Moments

What is one of the creative inspirations for Moment Factory projects? The answer is something intangible yet very real: culture.

As simple as it may seem, the meaning of this word holds great importance. Every member of the Moment Factory teams brings and shares their unique experiences and expertise, which combine to create our culture.

Moment Factory team members hail from various horizons and possess different skills, enabling a multitude of creative possibilities.

At Moment Factory, we create culture from the basis of our own. But neither the concept of sharing nor the drive to learn would be so alive here without our creators and partners, among them Sakchin Bessette, Creative Director, an infinite source of inspiration who constantly guides our teams beyond the boundaries of creation and sharing.

In celebration of his 40th birthday on November 21, 2014, we decided to put all he has taught us into practice.



Sakchin is a Moment Factory symbol of ingenuity. For those who don’t yet know him, Sakchin was trained in photography and co-founded Moment Factory in 2001. He leads the content team as creative director, and is constantly searching for new ways to tell stories and inspire the public through exposure to new media art. Sakchin is the creative source behind some of Moment Factory’s largest productions in the fields of entertainment and performance, including Nine Inch Nails’ Lights in the Sky tour, DJ Tiesto’s Kaleidoscope tour,  the Céline Dion show in Las Vegas and most recently, multimedia installations at the new Tom Bradley terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport. He supervises a team of 45 new media artists, encouraging them to push the boundaries of multimedia, combining true technological and artistic mastery.



Sakchin finds creative inspiration in his surroundings. An enthusiast for everything that sparkles and passionate about colour – the play of colour in rainbows and the fun it creates in confetti – he is also taken with the different atmospheres that lasers can create. Not only do these things delight him, they’re a precious source of imagination for Moment Factory projects.



To create a magical moment for Sakchin’s 40th birthday, we decided to put all he has taught into practice and looked for inspiration in what he is fond of. The result was a fantastic, Peter Pan-themed soirée at the Plaza Theatre, where everyone could come bring out their child’s heart.  Knowing his predilections, we constructed a labyrinth comprising several rooms decked in balloons and confetti, a laser game and mirrors, a video exhibiting one of Sakchin’s past projects, and even a bioluminescent bar, a new subject of research at Moment Factory. One of the mezzanines was taken over by pirates and the treasure hunt, filled with lanterns, pirate ships and other pretty treasures. Projection screens, a magician and a DJ took turns seizing the stage, lending a festive atmosphere to the evening.



The Moment Factory teams worked relentlessly to stage this enchanted universe and make the evening unique. Taking inspiration from our creative director’s rich culture, we combined our talents and ideas. Guided by one his oft repeated reflections: “Big ideas are not necessarily the most complex,” we knew that by seeking for ideas in what is simple, and by assembling our projects with simple materials, we would achieve something magnificent. Mission accomplished.

The Moment Factory trademark is that our culture isn’t limited to what we are each capable of. Here, culture lives in exchanges of knowledge between all disciplines. It gathers and inspires people to work together, to explore our inventiveness, and to create for the sake of living a shared experience.

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