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“We do it in public”: the vision behind our signature

This video introduces our vision, what inspires us to bring people together, from the moment of creation to the full live experience.

Getting together is a bit like sitting around a campfire with family or friends to tell stories, sing, laugh, and chat. Over the years and with the evolution of technology, public gatherings have primarily take place at concerts, festivals and other cultural events; all the while with the same goal of being in the moment and living a shared experience.



At Moment Factory, we play with new media and technology in order to create unique public experiences. Our playground over the years has included historical moments, concerts, museums, major sports and cultural events… everything we do becomes an experience. To put it simply, we create shows and destinations.

None of this would be possible without teamwork. Behind the end result experienced by the public lie hours of hard work, ideas, visions, and distinct cultures, all united towards a common goal.

We’re continually inspired by everything that surrounds us in order to keep a fresh perspective. The path to innovation isn’t without its challenges, encouraging our teams to constantly push creative boundaries.



We owe our success to the fact that we never limit ourselves to one playing field. All of our creations are made in different environments, in unique contexts and for different audiences – which we take advantage of as creators. With so many options, we can bring our vision to many different fields, thereby inciting a wide range of reactions and emotions amongst our varied audiences.

The essential goal with every project always comes back to creating magical moments and a strong emotional impact. Building an engaging narrative, supported by strong content, interactivity and other new technologies, allows us to create impactful experiences. By playing with new technologies and by pushing boundaries, we can inject magic into the lives of our audiences.

There’s no better reward than seeing the public enjoy our creations, sharing moments of joy and surprise – especially when we’ve put so much of ourselves into our work. Emotional connections are what define us; they’re at the heart of every one of our projects.

All of these factors combined allow us to create new campfires, or as we like to call them “digital campfires”. It’s a new way of bringing people together, and why we like to say that “we do it in public”.



You share our vision? Why not visit the “Jobs” section?


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  • Yuko Nakamura

    The importance of storytelling — it has worked since the stone age. How stories are told has changed with culture and technology. but the key component of storytelling itself remains the same. Technology will not make the story itself better.(Article: Many brands and companies should learn from Moment Factory.

    • RachelMF

      Thank you Yuko for this wonderful comment!