Quelques idées pour des moments

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Open Call: Share a Moment!

A mysterious illuminated box: an irresistible temptation to enter. Inside float several smaller boxes, each one radiant with light.  Each box holds within ‘a moment’; a moment of happiness, beauty, fun, poetry, which someone has created and is offering to another person randomly as an act of kindness and generosity.

We invite everyone of you to create a moment to be offered.



A moment is an instant of joy and comfort that we would like to share with those we like and appreciate. Moments are videos that last several seconds and are shared via social media.

Quelques idées pour des moments

Need some inspiration? Here are a few moments.


People receive an invitation in their email or through social media to open a mysterious light-emitting box.

Moment Box Inspiration

By clicking on the box, they go to a site where a short animation leads them inside the box. Inside, several light cubes float like fireflies. When they click on a cube, a moment unfolds.


FORMAT: A video of approximately 15 seconds in H264 QuickTime. Everything else is up to you.

DATE: Please send your Moments by December 5th, in time for the launch. Moments received at a later date will be included after the launch.

WHERE: Mail your Moments to  [email protected] *Your Moment will go to a selection committee. If you have any questions, please contact Thien.

OTHER: We will add your name to your Moment.

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