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Books we love : Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy Copy

When did you read this book?

When I was first discovering the world of advertising, this booked helped me land my first job. I mentioned it over the course of my job interview and it helped me look like a genius even though it was written several decades ago. It shows how relevant the book remains to this day.

Can you summarize the book in a few sentences?

The book describes the fundamental principles of advertising intelligently and subtly. But it also has an interesting philosophy on the workplace in general, no matter what the industry.

What do you like about the book? 

The author shares his opinions, his thoughts and moral outcomes, which are supported by his rich and relevant experience.

What are the key learnings you could share from this book? How has it affected your life, your work?

«Senior men and women have no monopoly on great ideas. Nor do Creative people. Some of the best ideas come from account executives, researchers, and others. Encourage this; you need all the ideas you can get»

It’s a good approach to finding your place when starting a career.

«The best way to “install a generator” in a man is to give him the greatest possible responsibility. Treat your subordinates as grown-ups — and they will grow up. Help them when they are in difficulty. Be affectionate and human, not cold and impersonal»

Why would you recommend this book to someone?

Because it’s thought provoking. The book’s greatest quality is that it is equally relevant to an intern as it is to the company’s president. It can be read sever times, throughout one’s career.

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