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How to Create Visuals for Legendary Outkast: Our Demo

Outkast fans, you’ll understand how excited we were to have the pleasure to work with the legendary hip-hop duo for their 20th anniversary international festival tour.

We got the call inviting us to take part in the production from Lighting designer Nick Whitehouse, and started hearing ‘Rosa Parks’ in our heads the moment after!

Now we’re pleased to share our demo of the tour’s visual content. We worked on immersive motion graphics for over 20 songs to create effects that enhanced depth and accentuated Outkast’s cubic set design and LED backdrop screen. Big props to the talented dancers and models we worked with during the shoots in LA and Montreal.

For best results, pump-up the volume when you watch this video!
Oukast’s next tour date is at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas on Friday October 24th.

Cover picture credit: CounterPoint Music & Arts Festival/Alive Media

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