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Why we love our Kliegl Lamps: The big, little story

Straight up, Kliegl lamps are awesome. But don’t take our word. Hear the story of these bulky, charming and incredibly efficient lamps that lit up
Hollywood until recently and now find a humble home at our studio.

The story of Kliegl Bros lamps begins in 1896 when immigrant Brothers Anton and John Kliegl founded the lighting company that would revolutionize the film industry. Used to simulate daylight for Hollywood shoots, the name Kliegl became synonymous with being in the spotlight.

As it goes, time passed and with the emergence of LED technology, Kliegl lamps got shelved, and stored away in obscurity.

But have no fear! Here at Moment Factory we’ve had the fortune to re-appropriate these iconic gems and integrate them into our studio.

Touched by their design and history, we are enamored of these vintage lamps. Made with easily replaceable parts, the lamps are sustainable and they’re dents and imperfections are decidedly charming.

Kliegl, you brighten up our day, every day.





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