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Live Audio-Visual Performance: Oníric the Demo

We’re incredibly proud to have been a guest at Girona’s first International Mapping Festival in Spain. We had the honor of opening the festival with a real-time audio-visual projection performance called Oníric.

Inspired by the surrealist movement, the performance is also a throw-back to Moment Factory’s origins as VJ artists.

The founders of the studio used to create live visual performances at parties – before visual mixing tools were readily available.

Oníric was a tip-of the-hat to the intuitive skill-sets of a VJ, optimized with the fantastic technologies available today, and 13 years of visual creation know-how. The result: an audio-visual jam on an architectural scale, with optical illusions all done live, for a one time performance.

We just finished an edit of the video and we’re excited to share the experience with you!







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