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Sound-and-light show on Canada’s Parliament ~ 2nd season

With Mosaika, Parliament Hill in Ottawa becomes an open-air multimedia theatre with a sound-and-light show, for a second year.

When we visited last week to launch the season, the audience was as diverse as it could be: families with young children, couples of all ages, tourists and locals – including a team of cheerleaders in full uniform! They all watched the show in rapt silence. Afterwards, we asked some of them what they liked best about it. Their answers: the many, many colours projected on the entire façade of Centre Block, the railway running up the Peace Tower, and the building’s stones appearing to separate one after another thanks to a breathtaking 3D video mapping effect.

Mosaika by the numbers

The Mosaika sound and light show is:

  • A giant screening surface 143 metres wide and 6 stories tall, on which images of Canadian landscapes and historical events are projected along with Canadian faces and voices
  • An audio track based on more than 200 interviews with people from every province and territory
  • 9 powerful high definition projectors displaying 16.5-megapixel images
  • LED yokes enabling the display of more than 16 million different colours
  • 5 awards:
    1. Ottawa Tourism Award for Innovation of the Year
    2. Canadian e-Tourism Award for Best Innovative Use of Technology and/or Media
    3. Festivals and Events Ontario Award for Best Promotional Campaign
    4. Festivals and Events Ontario Award for Best Poster
    5. Boomerang Award for Best Interactive Technology

Mosaika is a Moment Factory production for the National Capital Commission.

Presented every evening until September 5: at 10 p.m. in July, 9:30 in August, and 9 in September. Bilingual, 30 minutes, free.

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