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Churning Out Moments by Profession

by Camy-Sue van Ark on March 23, 2011 – 11:39 am

If you saw Nine Inch Nails’ Lights in the Sky tour, Tiesto’s Kaleidoscope tour, the Mclaren F1 launch, Cirque du Soleil’s Believe show in Las Vegas, or any recent M.I.A. performance, you’ve experienced the magic of Moment Factory.

Specializing in multimedia environments, the Montreal company has been manipulating light and video since 2001. Moment Factory combines video, lighting, architecture, sound, and special effects to create unforgettable memories. The company produces unique interactive installations that are installed in public or private spaces or used by artists on stage.

With clients like Cirque du Soleil, MGM and Disney, Moment Factory founders Sakchin Bessette and Dominic Audet have pushed technological boundaries. The installations the company makes today are light years ahead of the slide projections Bessette showed in clubs and raves in the early 90s.

However, working with technology has its difficulties. “The technology sometimes you’re inventing it and you’re mixing it up with different things. So you’re not playing in a safe technological ground. You’re reinventing stuff a little bit, so there’s risk of complications,” says Bessette.

Audet is responsible for developing technology at Moment Factory. Bessette explains that developments are “always based around interactivity and managing multimedia and spaces. So it’s like systems that can kind of interact. The environment with movement and the presence of people.”

An unexpected pitfall of creating breaking edge technology is the abundance of choice. Moment Factory projects are all original environments created to suit a customer’s needs. “You can do pretty much anything you want with our system,” says Bessette. This is a freedom that doesn’t necessarily help clients.

The company developed a lot of new technology for Nine Inch Nails Lights in the Sky tour. “There was a lot of unknown,” says Bessette. “They didn’t really know what they wanted.” However, a little faith went a long way. Bessette says Trent Reznor was surprisingly “very patient and he trusted us.”

The final production was an unforgettable experience for the band’s fans. Moment Factory is true to its name in the creation of unforgettable moments. The company has the audience in mind when working on any project. “You don’t need to be an artist or it doesn’t have to be an intellectual concept just to make people believe in the magic,” says Bessette.

Moment Factory’s latest project, Celine Dion’s new Las Vegas show opened March 15.

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