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Big success for Moment Factory at Celine Dion’s premiere in Las Vegas last night!

The excitement is at a fever pitch in Las Vegas as Céline Dion returns with a brand new three-year residency show at Caesars Palace. Especially designed for The Colosseum, this lavish extravaganza highlights perfect synergy between this international star, a full orchestra of 31 musicians and a finely tuned visual universe, with a repertoire featuring her greatest hits and classics.
Moment Factory was selected to create the imagery for this unique show. In collaboration with Yves Aucoin and Ken Ehrlich, Moment Factory developed, designed and produced the video content using high-technology processes and created the perfect visual signature for this spectacular show. Through the magic of video, different worlds have been created for this majestic and uniquely accented stage. A Moment Factory presentation that radiates finesse and emotion.
Grace and esthetics are the cornerstones of the visual side of this show. Moment Factory created worlds of perfect synchronicity between sound and light. In addition to a 130-foot LED wall, nine 6-x12-foot LED panels and 12 projection surfaces, the stage features two walls of water and a holographic screen. A technical and artistic masterwork!

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