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Canadian e-tourism awards 2011 : Mosaika wins the “Best Innovative Use of Technology and/or Media” prize!

Moment Factory is proud to announce the success of Mosaika at the Canadian e-tourism awards : Direct link to Mosaika website :

Photo credit : National Capital Commission

What is Mosaika?

The hands of the clock atop Canada’s parliament spin backwards. The story begins. A wheat field, ruffled by virtual wind, paints stone walls with movement. Voices fill the air. Canada’s iconic parliament buildings and grounds are transformed by light and images as the diversity of Canadian voices reaches out into the cityscape for everyone to experience.

Moment Factory was invited by the National Capital Commission to create a 30 minute show using the parliament buildings and grounds as the canvas. Using light and sound, and interviews with 200 Canadians from diverse backgrounds, Moment Factory tells Canada’s stories in a vibrant, contemporary way.

Nine projectors were used to create this spectacle of images, light and sound. 3D mapping and design techniques were used to seamlessly integrate architectural features, such as windows, into the visual composition. The audiovisual system needed to be installed and removed daily, and to be weatherproof.

Watch Mosaika on video : Mosaika on Vimeo and Mosaika on YouTube

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